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Brand: MeiyijieNumber of pieces: 10 piecesSize: M LOrigin: Chinese MainlandApplicable gender: unisexApplicable weight: 

M-L size: Suitable for hip circumference of 80-120cm, suitable for waist circumference not exceeding 105cmL-XL size: suitable for hip circumference of 95-120CM, suitable for waist circumference not exceeding 135CM

Product features:1. Soft and Comfortable Surface: Made of soft materials for double protection, providing a soft and comfortable feeling.2. Super absorption: an absorbent made of high-grade wood pulp and imported polymers, with super absorption power. The absorbent is elongated and widened, allowing for comprehensive absorption without backflow.3. Rapid infiltration guide layer: a specially designed guide layer that guides urine to diffuse back and forth, rapidly infiltrating and making the surface drier.4. Super absorption: Using imported high polymers, increasing the usage, and absorbing up to 2500ml.

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